Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Worth of an Endorsement?

The Worth of an Endorsement?

By J C Anger

Today I contemplated something that has become a badge of honor among candidates running for elected positions.  That badge of honor is an endorsement. 

But then the question came, “What are these endorsements truly worth if they come from the same type of people who have created the problems?” 

One of the greatest problems this nation faces is the fact that career politicians are shuffling your tax money around to pay for businesses they choose to win grants, tax breaks, and the like.  So when career politicians endorse career politicians, what does that truly say to the American people? 

To me it says, “I am endorsing this candidate because I believe he or she will keep the status quo!” 

To me it’s saying “We want to continue to tax and spend your money and we know this candidate will keep on doing this!” 

To me this is truly unacceptable.

So let’s look at the scorecard so far. 

Romney, Perry, and Huntsman all have national big time career politician endorsements backing them.  In all three cases, they actually have support for their candidacy from both sides of the aisle.  It’s often said that you can know a person by the company they keep.  I do want to take this time to mention that not all career politicians fall into the realm of a tax and spend politician, but when you have someone from a political party which has a history of over spending habits hoping you’re the candidate, what is that saying of the candidate as a whole?  

Now here is the difference. 

To this point Herman Cain has not had any national level career politician saying that he’s their choice for President of the United States, and I believe at this time that this is a good thing. 

Today Herman Cain gained the endorsement of the Commander of the 3rd Combat Brigade Team of the 101st Airborn Division, COL Michael Steele. 

Why is this important?  It is important because as a member of the Army for nearly 20 years myself, I understand that members of the 
United States military understand what it takes to be a leader.  COL Steele’s endorsement weighs far heavier than any endorsement that any of the other candidates have received as of today. 

But just wait.  Herman Cain has also received endorsements from so many everyday individuals that it has its own Face Book page. 

You can see many of these endorsements here

Why Do Ordinary Citizens Endorse Herman Cain?

Names like Terrie Pollet, Julie Waddle, Keon Wimsatt, and Don E Chute may not mean much to you, but these people have seen that their names mean something to Herman Cain.  Why is this important?  It’s important because these people have taken the time to ignore who the main stream media is telling us to vote for, and caring enough to actually learn that Herman Cain cares for Americans, because first and foremost, Herman Cain is a proud American and just a normal everyday person like the people who are endorsing him.

Now let’s talk about the media. 

The media endorses a candidate by the coverage they receive whether they admit it or not.  By Perry and Romney receiving the majority of the coverage from the major media outlets, they are in turn telling you who you should vote for.  This silent endorsement has been the tool that has kept career politicians from monopolizing of positions in the national government for years. 

The mold has been broken by a few things.  First and foremost, the emergence of the Tea Party has shifted the balance of power from the government and main stream media to the people of

Next, Bob Turner in the NY-9 election broke through becoming a non-politician to win a national election.  Lastly, the cyber media has created a whole new outlet for people to receive information.  From bloggers to Tweets, people are understanding that we are being shaded from the reality of who is truly for the people and who will be the best candidate.  This allows the people to endorse the candidate who best represents them and in this election that person is Herman Cain.

So let’s try and understand what is happening during this election.  The media and the career politicians are telling us there should only be two to three candidates we should think of as our nominee.  Yet the everyday people and the cyber media are telling us that the clear choice for this election is Herman Cain.

My name is John C Anger and I endorse Herman Cain for President of the
United States of America!

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  1. AMEN. Herman is the BEST candidate for us to take back the White House, and has the best credentials to lead this country - If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always gotten. Herman will change things. I endorse him. Good Blog Post!