Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Put “United” Back in USA

Put “United” Back in USA

The mainstream media would have you think that Americans are more divided than ever. They think that we are polarized politically, with each side becoming more and more extreme with each passing year. I tend to disagree.

Americans are united on what we want for our families, ourselves, and our grandchildren’s future: to live in a safe, free and prosperous nation. That is what President Ronald Reagan saw. He saw America made of people –good people – who loved and cared for each other. He believed that our best days were yet to come, and that the American Dream was attainable to anyone who loved it enough to reach for it.

While our nation faces complex problems, it is also made up of a people who are industrious, intelligent and decent. Take for instance the response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001: Americans of every race, religion and background rallied together to support this great nation. This unity sent a strong message to our enemies: we will stand together and we will never forget.

No matter our political philosophies, there is so much upon which we can agree. Using our common ground as a starting point, we can make real progress in improving this country for generations to come, while still cherishing the foundation that has made it great.


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