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Herman Cain: A Winner Against the Odds

Herman Cain: A Winner Against the Odds

By Rosalinda Kilmer

“Herman Cain For President: Because He Keeps Making Fools of All the ‘Experts’ Who Say He Can’t Win” Robert Stacy McCain:

The list of political analysts, who continue to dismiss the credible candidacy of Businessman Herman Cain, is quite long. Despite a decisive victory on Saturday, Sept 25th in the important Florida Straw Poll with 37% of the vote, pundits of the elitist establishment bent, like Bill Kristol and Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard, would like for you to settle down and realize that Herman Cain’s big win has no meaning. In their eyes, it only proved that Governor Rick Perry of Texas stumbled badly at the GOP debate two days prior, and a vote for Herman Cain was “a vote of no confidence in the two GOP frontrunners.”

But the ever classy Herman Cain responded to the nay-sayers in a Fox & Friends interview, the following morning, saying:

 “the establishment still doesn’t get it…..the citizens movement is more powerful than the establishment wants to give it credit, they keep treating me like the Rodney Dangerfield of this presidential race…..Message is more important than money, (just) because I don’t have a ‘kajillion’ dollars or a large war chest like that of a Perry or Romney….they underplay that my message (of solutions) is resonating…..The establishment is not going to make the call, the people are going to make the call! 
"I am a serious contender because of the people!” 

Mr. Cain is exactly right, and I’ll prove it to you! Mr. Cain’s popularity at the FL straw poll is NOT an anomaly. In fact, Mr. Cain has won over a dozen straw polls across the country 
A handful of the polls were won before he officially announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination, and they included an even longer list of contenders, like Mitch Daniels and Mike Huckabee.

After he announced, he continued to win and many times with percentages of over 40%. Unless I missed the news somewhere, Governor Rick Perry has yet to even come close to Mr. Cain’s 1st place finishes in the straw polls that put him on the ballot. And of course, Perry’s most recent and very public loss to Mr. Cain was a brutal blow to his bumpy start in the race.

So why do people like Charles Krauthammer and Bill O’Reilly insist that Herman Cain has no chance to win the nomination? Perhaps, they have some right to be skeptical since Mr. Cain currently only polls at the national level in single digits, usually in 5th or 6th place. But who does he trail? Governor Romney and Governor Perry, as well as Congress members Newt Ginrich, Michele Bachmann, and Ron Paul.

Mr. Cain is the least known of these members, by far. His name ID started at about 20% on May 21st when he announced and it is now at a respectable 50%, after only 4 months of campaigning. Keep in mind he’s done this with most of the mainstream media completely ignoring him. But when the people see him, meet him, and hear him, they’re fiercely impressed and they vote for him. So his national poll numbers will undoubtedly begin to climb as his name ID increases.i

It’s also kind of hard to get traction when the public either never hears your name and your background, or they hear that you have “No chance of winning the nomination.” Still, the pundits are welcome to continue dismissing Mr. Cain because, in the vernacular of his grandfather, Mr. Cain says, “I does not care!”

In a speech at the Republican Leadership Conference this past summer, Mr. Cain gave a rousing speech where he compared himself to a bumble bee who is not supposed to be able to fly because of its fat body and small wings. But just like the bumble bee, Mr. Cain said, “Well to Mr. O’Reilly, to Mr. Rove, and Mr. Krauthammer, I didn’t get the memo that I’m not supposed to run! I’m running!”

Herman Cain wasn’t supposed to survive Stage 4 liver cancer with 30% odds, he wasn’t supposed to win a significant statewide straw poll, and he’s not supposed to win the 2012 election, but he will, because Herman Cain is a man used to succeeding against the odds.

Herman Cain straw poll finishes that get ignored
2/26 Phoenix Tea Party Patriots - 1st Place: 22%

3/20 Conservative Principles Conference -  1st Place: 33%

5/5 Washington State GOP Straw Poll - 1st Place: 15%

5/7 Wisconsin - 1st Place: 26%

7/3 Cobb County GA - 1st Place: 43%

7/8 Conservative Leadership Conference - 1st Place: 24%

7/29 Smart Girl Politics Summit poll - 2nd Place: 29% (Bachmann won)

7/30 Western Conservative Summit - 1st Place: 48%

8/5 Ames Ranch (Oregon) - 1st Place: 55

8/27 GA GOP Straw Poll - 1st Place: 26% (not in attendance)

9/3 Florida "Conservative Roar" Straw Poll - 1st Place: 56%

9/24 Florida Presidential 5 Straw Poll - 1st Place: 37.1%

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