Saturday, September 17, 2011

Herman Cain Receives Major endorsement

Col. Michael Steele has endorsed Herman Cain, not because of his education and business success, but because he trusts him. Col. Steele pointed out that Cain accurately answered the foreign policy critics in the debates by indicating he would consult the military experts.

Steele is a war hero and the subject of the movie Blackhawk Down.

“The world is not safer,” Cain told supporters. “Why should we get weaker?”

Retired U.S. Army Col. Mike Steele, who introduced Cain at the luncheon, noted that Cain would be a president who would refuse to trivialize defense policies for “short-term campaign gain or a political sound bite.”

Steele, who has two adult children who serve in the military, said he could entrusts their lives to Cain as commander in chief of the Armed Forces.

Cain decries BRAC, presents tax plan in WR campaign stop

Herman Cain on Israel, Our Friend  

Imagine living in a neighborhood where most of your neighbors wish you would move away. Since you have a right to be there and it happens to be the home of many generations of your family, you refuse to be intimidated into leaving, even though you are violently attacked frequently, and sometimes family members are killed. Although painfully saddened, your resolve to remain there is not weakened.

That neighborhood is the dwelling place of Israel, a nation surrounded by many of its enemies.

Having spent last week in Israel talking and listening with many of Israel’s citizens, the deputy speaker of the Knesset, the leader of the opposition party in the Knesset, the mayor of Jerusalem, the mayor of the city of Ariel and the deputy prime minister, and touring the landscape of Israel, I now have a greater appreciation for the threats against Israel, their frustrations and their genuine desire for peace.

Threats against them from some of their neighboring nations and the Palestinians are very real. Those threats are not only from Iran wanting to wipe Israel off of the face of the earth, but also frequent terrorist attacks, most recently along its southern border.


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