Wednesday, November 2, 2011


The Decline of the Establishment GOP
He broke out his white board in order to erase the minds of the people. What he did instead was verify his own decline in value in any political environment. He tried to ensure the America voter that you are mindless and need to listen to him. What he said did not sway the people but caused the people to rise up again and say, “we decide for ourselves!” Karl Rove, get off the track or get run over, cause the Cain Train aint stopping!
Let’s look back in time. It was 2007-2008 and some people in the Republican Party were causing the boat to shake a bit by voting for a candidate they were not suppose to. His name was Mike Huckabee. As the uproar started, career GOP operatives gathered to push their establishment candidate forward in order to reign in the voice of the people. John McCain was the ordained candidate and the people would have to live with that.
Following the money trail, I found Mr. Rove was in the establishment movement. He gave a considerable donation to Senator John McCain and was also said to be a consultant for the candidate. This was a formula for failure. The combination of an establishment candidate with the backing of the GOP establishment is what got President Obama elected.
Karl Rove bares responsibility for the crisis America faces today and he’s trying nothing more than to sell us the same formula for failure this go around. As he goes to bat for his establishment candidate in Mitt Romney, he holds nothing back to discredit not only Mr. Herman Cain, but the very people who are thinking for themselves who choose Mr. Cain as their candidate. He thinks the American people are not smart because they are choosing Cain over Romney. He is doing nothing but campaigning for Romney with a bigger stage and no one to call him on it! Hey Fox News, where’s your fair and balanced?
A few days later he’s at it again. Not attacking Cain, but campaigning for the candidate he’s trying to shove down our throats. He’s blinded to the fact that the people don’t want another establishment candidate. We want a Herman Cain! No more people who put a fast spin on the way they are going to keep things the same, but instead a real person who is going to bring a bold change to Washington DC. So Mr. Rove, please let us think for ourselves and stop trying to shove your Romney down our throats!
Mr. Rove, it is people like you that have awakened a sleeping giant in the citizens of the United States of America. It is these citizens who have the right to stand up when its government has oppressed them and turn the fate of this nation to become, as Ronald Reagan said, a shining city on a hill. As the Declaration of Independence states, people have the right, ‘to throw off such government, and to provide NEW GUARDS for their future security’. And Mr. Rove, it is people like you who are the accomplices of a government which has formed, ‘a long train of abuses’! You have helped create the problem and it’s the right of the people to fix it.
The people of America have awoken to such abuses to their rights that they took the time to become informed. The people who they found that did the most damage were the politicians the people entrusted. Then the people saw a group of political pundits who would year after year try and sell us the same politicians in a different skin. The people of America are sick of this ride and we are stepping off this Rhino merry-go-round and onto the Cain Train to the White House. So Mr. Rove and all your coconspirators, get off the track!