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My Requirements For The Next President Of The United States Of America~2012

My Requirements For The Next President Of The United States Of America~2012

By~Laurie Pruser-Stockman

I was recently asked who or what was I looking for in a Presidential candidate.  I didn't have to think long before I came up with a pretty decent list of requirements.  “Anyone but Obama” did not make the list.  While this list is not a finite list, I believe that it accurately represents the CORE of my requirements.  

I'm a realist and I realize that a lot of our economic problems are not only going to take time to fix but were in fact long in the making so to expect that they be turned around in a stroke of a pen is absurd.  The person I’m looking for knows this as well.

I'm looking for someone who has actually CUT cost in their lifetimes, not only because it was popular to do so but because it was necessary. 

I'm looking for the person who understands that the USA does not exist in a vacuum and will not succeed if we withdraw from the global community. 

I'm looking for someone who not only respects The Constitution of The United States of America but who believes that it is The Law of the Land and that it is their duty to enforce those laws contained within the Constitution. 

I'm looking for someone who understands that the 2nd amendment is not simply rhetoric but is indeed necessary for the safety of the citizens individually but of the nation as a whole. That it cannot be read as anything other than a RIGHT to self-defense; be the threats foreign or domestic. 

I'm looking for someone that realizes that our allies are important to our national security and abandoning them will only weaken our country and make us vulnerable for attacks not only in the physical nature but also on the economic side of the equation.

I’m looking for a person who understands that “immigration” and “illegal immigration” from ANY other country are not interchangeable terms.  And that while The United States of America should have open doors, it should not have be equated to open access.

I'm looking for a person who can see past a person's color, race and creed and see their patriotism to our country and willingness to make it better than it is and better than has been.  I pause because I pray that I don’t need to include looking past their gender, but I include it for emphasis.

I'm looking for a person who has high moral values but also understands the limitations of the Presidential Office as set out in the Constitution. 

I'm looking for that person who will lead without thought to re-election but with thought to what is morally, legally (constitutionally) and ethically right. 

I'm look for someone who understands that a hand up is better than a hand out. But that the hand up should come through legal (constitutionally appropriate) means and compassionately.

I'm looking for the person who says that they don't have all of the answers but who will combine the intellect and experiences of experts who have dealt with the problems and opportunities in their professions.

I'm looking for the person who’s looking to solve problems before they become catastrophes.  And when catastrophes happen, responds with leadership, decisiveness and intelligence. 

I’m looking for a person who believes in the American Spirit and our ability to rise above our differences to build and maintain the strongest, most prosperous and secure nation in the world.

I’m looking for someone who knows that independence is more that a catch phrase and should be applied to our ability to be self-sustaining as well as free thinking and acting individuals.

I'm looking for a REALIST, not an optimist or a pessimist.

I'm looking for a person who will tell me the truth whether or not it's what I want to hear. 

I believe that this person exists.  I believe he's taken the stage and has won the respect of not only the people (voters) but of the other candidates who share the stage with him.  
They have quoted him. They've praised his plans.  They've not attacked his qualifications, education or character.

Some have gone so far as to say that they'd select him as a running mate.  I believe that the results of the Presidency 5 Florida Straw Poll show that they might want to reflect on how to ask him to get on his ticket as he won resoundingly with 996 votes (37%) to his closest competitor’s 410 (15.4%) votes. 

Despite receiving on average less than half of the allotted debate face time on stage and very little name recognition; he’s garnered increasing support from the voters because he makes efficient use of his time and always brings the discussion back on subject instead of finger pointing.  And he makes sense; COMMON SENSE

After the first televised debate, the network panel of citizens expressed a great deal of interest and support for him; they had not supported him prior to watching him that evening. This has been a repeating scenario with each debate.

The fact that he is running his campaign like he’s run the businesses (by not spending more than he’s raised) is admirable and speaks volumes for the message that he’s delivering and how it’s being received.   

He has my support in his quest to become
President of the United States of America, Herman Cain

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