Wednesday, September 14, 2011

~The Case For~ ~Why Herman Cain Can Win~

 ~The Case For~

~Why Herman Cain Can Win~


Herman Cain is a proven Leader with 40 years of real business experience.

Herman Cain Biography  

The only candidate to offer real solutions to the real problems we as Americans are facing in everyday normal life.

Straw Poll Finishes the MSM Ignores
Herman Cain

2/26 Phoenix Tea Party Patriots
1st Place: 22%

3/20 Conservative Principles Conference
1st Place: 33%
5/5 Washington State GOP Straw Poll
1st Place: 15%
5/7 Wisconsin
1st Place: 26%
7/3 Cobb County GA
1st Place: 43%
7/8 Conservative Leadership Conference
1st Place: 24%
7/29 Smart Girl Politics Summit poll
2nd Place: 29% (Bachmann won)
7/30 Western Conservative Summit
1st Place: 48%
8/5 Ames Ranch (Oregon)
1st Place: 55%
Last week's GA GOP Straw Poll
1st Place: 26%
9/3 Florida "Conservative Roar" Straw Poll
1st Place: 46%

9/24 Florida
Florida Presidential 5 Straw Poll 
1st Place: 37.18

Tecaon Straw poll
1. Cain 77.5%

National Federation of Republican Women 10/2
1st Herman Cain – 48.9%

 Dekalb County GOP Presidential Straw Poll.10/2
Cain 209 Votes
Perry 29
Romney 25

Republican Midwest Leadership Conference 10/8

Herman Cain 1st place 52.6%
Michelle Bachmann 2nd 12.2%

IBOPE Zogby Poll: Perry Plummets to 18%; Trails Cain For Lead Among GOP Primary Voters

Herman Cain Has led the Positivity Score 14 weeks in a row according to gallup polling

Herman Cains Economic Vision

What the Experts Say of Herman Cain's Economic Plan

His Chilean model for Social Security is the only solution being talked about and has a proven track record of success. Donate today to a Real Leader - Herman Cain .

Herman Cain On The Immigration Problem Facing this Nation 

We must secure our borders, enforce our laws and promote the existing path to citizenship. Protecting our nation’s sovereignty should be a paramount concern of those elected to lead us, not an afterthought or a reaction once the problem becomes even worse. Further, taking a stand on the issue does not mean one lacks compassion, but instead, that one respects the rule of law and the importance of not becoming a lawless nation.

Donate today to a Real Leader With Real Solutions Backed up with Facts.

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