Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why Do Ordinary Citizens Endorse Herman Cain?

Why Do Ordinary Citizens Endorse Herman Cain?

Karl supports Herman Cain because...

Fix the Immigration Problems- As I live in Arizona, this is a huge issue for me. Unleashing Economic Growth- Taxes on Business is suffocating growth and killing jobs. Release our Domestic Energy Resources- This is just common sense, why depend on others when we can use our own resources and in turn create jobs. Repeal & Replace Health Care "Deform"- Government has never running anything with success and our founding fathers would be saddened by this obamanation. Redo Financial Regulatory "Deform"- Regulations and Unions have killed growth of industry and self-efficiency. Unbundle Education- As a parent of 4 kids the Public schools are a wasteful-useless institution. My kids learn more from me than they do in school. Again, Unions destroyed a great concept due to greed and power. Put "United" Back in USA- I am sick and tired of the race card being thrown around as a weapon to gain control and power. Give 'Em Cain!

Terrie Pollet
I support Herman Cain because I can relate to him on so many levels. Paramount is his love of God and Country. He sincerely wants to save America and and make us a great nation once again. He's honest and genuine. He won't sell out for money. He's his own man. He worked hard to become a successful businessman and he will bring those qualities to the office of President of the United States. God Bless America, and God Bless Mr. Herman Cain. — with Terrie Pollet.

Julie Waddle

Many times over the years my husband and I listened to Herman Cain on the radio, and talked about how much sense he made. We had already supported him for GA Senate race, but when he was on the radio each night, I learned so much from him. The things he keeps telling us now, stay informed, involved, inspired, is the message he has promoted for years. Every night, he kept us informed of the issues of the day, and urged us to be involved, such as calling our representatives. But most of all, every night I would come away from his show inspired and encouraged about our country. I had no idea listening to him every night, just what an amazing person he really was and what an extensive resume he had, as he rarely talked about himself. When he started giving speeches at tea party events a few years ago, I was amazed at how he could totally connect with people. He had me on board from the first time he hinted at the possibility he was running for President at the SRLC conference 2 years ago.

The bottom line is this - I trust him. I don't trust any other candidate out there like I trust Herman Cain - not just to get the job done, but that his heart is in the right place. He is a conservative at heart and in deed, not just in word. He knows firsthand that with God's help, in this great country, you really can achieve your dreams. I do not believe he will sell us out, because his lifetime exemplifies loyalty and commitment to those he loves. And if you look at each step of his career - the one thread that persists is the fact that he is very other-centered - from his employees to the customers. As such, I believe he will stay committed to the course to which we elect him. — with Julie Waddle.

Keon Wimsatt -
I support Herman Cain because when the founders envisioned citizen statesmen, they had a man like Cain in mind. Someone who overcame the odds and rose to the top regardless of the position or the obstacles. He is a man of character and I believe that it will take an outside the box problem solver to get this government back on track. — with Keon Wimsatt.

Christopher Mantei

Authenticity. Credibility. Honesty. A true Citizen Candidate in the tradition of our founders. Pro-Christian, pro-life, pro-liberty, pro-individualism. He is a living testimony to the greatness of America. Relys on common sense, not on being elected/re-elected ad infinitum. Highly intelligent and inspirational; a proven leader of men. Knows sound economic policies from his 40 year business career. Acknowledges the exceptional place this nation has in world history and will fight to maintain it. Embodiment of the "TEA party" movement.

Don E Chute

I have to say I hate these kinda questions, because I could write a book instead of a couple of paragraphs...I am a full fledged 'Cainiac' because in my lifetime I have seen only two men enter 'politics' whom I really admire and the first one was Ronald Reagan.

The second is Mr. Cain. He is a Gentleman, a Statesman, not a Politician. He has a core belief, not a 'go with the wind' philosophy. He says what he means, and means what he says...damned the consequence! He's not running for himself, but his children and ours. Mr. Cain wants this Great Country restored back to our Founders intent, without that intent I fear we may perish.

Mr. Cain has no agenda other than saving our great Country. Like Glenn Beck states "The truth has no agenda."

Herman Cain has survived and thrived greatly on his own. It is on his own, with our help, that he will bring back the 'United' in the United States of America! — with Don E Chute.

Kimberly Jane Driskell Schatz
I've been listening to Herman since he had his show on WSB here in Atlanta - and from the first time I heard him broadcasting in mid-2008, I thought he spoke with common sense - I was shouting, "Herman for President!" during the May '09 ObamaCare Tea Party at Centennial Olympic Park! I believe he WILL BE one of the best Presidents we've ever had!

I also want to say, having served my country for 19 years, I want to have a Commander in Chief that doesn't apologize for the country I love, one who doesn't disrespect those of us who must salute him unless he's taking credit for something we did, one who loves this country as much as I do, one I can salute with respect for both the MAN and the POSITION he holds. I believe that man IS HERMAN CAIN. — with Kimberly Jane Driskell Schatz.

Laura J. Ricketts -- Herman's Eyes --

I had the GREAT privilege of meeting Mr. Herman Cain in Philadelphia on the 4th of July. There was one moment that will stay with me for the rest of my life. After having a short opportunity to converse, some introductions, and pictures, he shook my hand and said a very sincere thank you. "Thank you for all your work. Its because of people like YOU that all this is possible."

Its not his words that will stay with me - it was his eyes. I was standing squarely in front of him as he firmly shook my hand and I was staring straight into his eyes. "Thank you, sir," I replied, "We, America, needs you." And still staring straight into my eyes, he nodded slightly. It is THAT moment that will stay with me because looking into his eyes I saw the enormous strength, the humility, the courage, the determination and the holiness, of a man who is secure with himself, secure with his mission, and secure with his faith.

I saw a man of prayer, and a man of action. I saw hope and I saw faith. I saw a man who knows he is following the Will of God. I saw America. — with Laura J. Ricketts and Herman Cain.

Dart Mitchell
I am never any good at these things, but here goes. I am very proud of my country and expect that in a President. He must be American, and I dont know if I need to explain that but hamburgers, hot dogs, baseball, picnics, The American Flag, The Pledge of Allegiance, Corvettes, Carmaros, Mustangs, Henry Ford, a soldier that dies for his family and country, pizza, girl scout cookies, boy scout badges, ohhh I could go on and on, but those words should provoke a deep tie in an Americans heart.

I always wanted a candidate that was a regular person, in that I mean....started with no family wealth and not well known. I have no class envy or anything like that, but just feel like to truly understand the bulk of America, one has to experience it from the ground up. I have found that in Mr.Cain.

I believe the next President should be trustworthy and of good character. This used to go without saying, but now days must be spoken of, unfortunately. I have found that in Herman.

The President should believe in America and in Americans. The ability of each of us to live up to a standard and use our abilities to better ourselves and being a benefit to our family, neighbors, and employers. This too, Herman Cain fits the prerequisite.

We need a fresh perspective on foreign policy. I dont know a whole lot about this area but do feel....something different has to be done. The last 20 yrs has taking a toll on America and its citizens. I do know we need a strong defense and the friends that have stood by us should continue to be our friends on the world stage. Herman brings this to the table.

The economy is wrecked and in a shambles and needs fixing. To solve this, would take an expert problem solver, economist, and someone who has seen how America works from the inside out. Herman Cain nails this one.

An extra...that comes with Mr. Cain is passion and drive. Something you dont see nowadays as often as in the past. America will have a backbone in the White House again.

I also love the he is a Christian and a firm Pro-life candidate.
It really basically boils down to what has been said before. He is real, he has lived real. Common sense and using what God gave him comes natural to him. His life is filled with experience and wisdom. I look forward to Mr. Cain getting up there making Washington work. He has my vote!!

John Anger
Well I guess it's my time to add my endorsement

In 1991 I decided that the college scene was not for me and I joined the US Army. I have now served under four Presidents and have held many positions during my career. With my experience in the military I have come to truely understand leadership and what it takes to be, not just a leader, but what it takes to be a great leader. Currently there is a huge deficiency of leadership in this nation that needs to be filled by someone who is qualified. As I look at all the candidates, I have found that only Herman Cain has all the attributes to be a great leader. He is humble and has been humbled in his life. He surrounds himself with the experts needed to solve problems. He is clear and doesn't politic likethe other candidates. He speaks to the people of America as if we are on his level. There is NO other GOP candidate that can even come close to what Herman Cain brings to the table. We do not need another tax and spend career politician messing up the system even worse, we need a true leader who brings something different to DC.

I have a wife and four children who I love deeply. As I look at this election I see them. I understand that this IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF MY LIFETIME! If I just stand by and let the media pick the President like we have let it do in the past, we will be in an even further hole than we are now. That's right America, things will get worse if you pick another career politician. You need to care and you need to ask yourself if a media picked frontrunner is who would be best for America. I mean the media is picking them for a reason right? And as the media has shown in the past, it does not have your best interests at heart. This is why I am endorsing Herman Cain! It is because he has our best interests at heart and he is the leader who can fix this mess! Herman Cain is the fix!

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God Bless - And Give 'Em Cain!


  1. By - Richard P. Bulow (Rick Bulow)

    Why do I support Herman Cain?

    I was just a casual follower of politics, voting when I can and even (since 2000) worked the Exit Polls (in 2000 and 2004) and was the final count taker (in 2008) during the Presidential Election. However, ever since I first heard Herman Cain when he filled in for Neal Boortz in 2010 I was excited for the first time about politics when Cain mentioned his common sense solutions to the economy and to a few other issues which are plaguing America today. Herman Cain is a straight forward talker not pulling any punches or hiding behind others like some of today’s politicians do. Then too, Cain himself says he is not a politician but rather a problem solver with over 40 years of business and executive experience.

    The main reasons I am supporting Herman Cain for president is as follows:

    As noted above, he is not a politician. For those of you who might scoff at me because of that I tell you exactly what Herman Cain says. “Everyone in Washington has held public office before. How’s that working out for you?” All too often we see the politicians line their pockets and not REALLY LISTEN to the taxpayers and voters who put them in office.
    He is very eloquent and straightforward in speaking on the issues. As I mentioned above, Cain does not pull any punches or hide behind others but rather is out there telling it like it is. Many people also try to walk back their words or say one thing but mean the other. He does not.

    He is very Reaganesque. Granted, I might be a little young to REALLY remember the Reagan Administration, but from what I had read and heard on TV and radio Ronald Reagan was by far one of the best presidents this country had during the 20th century. When I watch Herman Cain give a speech or even listen to or watch some of his conversations with newsmen, he comes straight out and tells it like it is, especially on some of the hard issues like the economy and the like.

    As he had noted during his announcement on May 21, 2011, at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, “I am running for President of the United States, and I am not running for Second!” I for one am not happy with how the politicians are holding this country hostage and we need a TRUE problem solver in the White House. Hence, I am supporting Herman Cain.
    Posted by RPB1974 at 18:47

  2. By - Roderick Edwards

    CAIN vs McCAIN

    We Americans are accustomed to pre-packaging, be it McDonald's, McWalmart, or McMansions. There is nothing wrong with a bit of familiarity but the time is now that we stop allowing the media to pick our presidential candidates. Look what happened last presidential election. Nothing against John McCain, but I don't personally know one Republican that wanted him to be president. He was a hand-picked media darling destined to lose.

    Are we about to repeat history by allowing the media to tell us we have to choose either Romney or Perry? It is time for a little guts and glory. Herman Cain is a businessman so the economy and job creation is his slice of the pie.

    During the next primary debate, Herman should take a moment to say, "It is time for an average American to help direct America. Politicians have made this mess and now it will take a little old fashion American ingenuity to get us out of it. It is time to stop allowing the media to pick our candidates and instead let the average hard-working American voice be heard." -- Elect Herman Cain.