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By J C Anger  

I’m hearing one argument about Herman Cain over and over again and that he’s unelectable.  It’s kind of funny, because each one of these people I hear say this start with the words, “I like him a lot but”.  This got me to thinking, “Why are these people talking like this and is Herman Cain really unelectable?”  

Let’s first look at what took place in Orlando.  Herman Cain was polling in the single digits three days prior to the Presidency 5 Straw Poll.  Then the night of the pre-poll debate hit.  The two so-called front-runners came into the debate and both failed to shine.  Perry fell flat on his face and look very unelectable and Romney lacked any true pop that would make him seem electable. 

On the other hand, Herman Cain looked like a well polished leader.  He had the look and poise of the next President of the United States of America.  No one could come close to what Mr. Cain had shown on that stage.  Suddenly it was a whole new game in the eyes of the constituents.   

The day after the debate the media concentrated on Perry and Romney as if the debate never happened.  Once again the media was trying to feed the voters the candidates they feel would be vulnerable come election time thus creating a closer vote come November 2012. 

Then something happened on that day that you never saw on the news.  Herman Cain spoke several times to jam packed audiences and once again he seemed electable.  Those people who heard it knew they had been hearing a part of history in the making.  The crowds were going crazy for the man who just a few days later seemed like an obscurity in the minds of the
Floridavoters.  There was something in the air and the change was about to shock the world.  Straw Poll day saw surrogates speak for most of the candidates, say three.  But the one candidate everyone wanted to hear was Herman Cain and he cared enough to stay and speak to the people. 

The Twittersphere lit up all day with praise for this man who had been considered out of the race in
Florida.  Blogs and Facebook were electrified waiting for the results.  Then as Governor Rick Scott started to name of the candidate’s places one by one the names fell off.  Then at number 3 was front runner Mitt Romney with 14% of the vote.  I for one felt there was a collective, “Yes top two” from every Cain supporter watching but even we were caught by surprise by the next thing announced. 

When Gov Scott announced Herman Cain was the winner with 37% it was simply an amazing feeling.  Not only did Herman Cain show in three days that he was electable, he did it with such an overwhelming victory that he more than double previous “front-runner” Rick Perry at 15%!  But wait!  Here they came again to try and steal the people’s thunder.   

First Rick Perry’s campaign came out and said that this just shows we’ve been in the race for five days.  Let’s put those five days into perspective.  In a September 15 Inside Advantage Poll (9 days before the Straw Poll), Perry was #1 with 29%, Romney was #2 with 20%, and Cain #6 with 6%. 

In a September 22 Quinnipiac Poll (2 days before the Straw Poll), Perry was #1 with 28%, Romney was #2 with 22%, and Cain was tied for #5 with 7%.  Electability would say that in order for a candidate to be electable they should be able to hang onto a 21 point lead for 2 days.  Instead, not only did Perry loose the 21 point advantage to Mr. Cain, Perry also lost the polls by 22 points.  Cain was able to do a 43 point turn on Gov Perry in just 2 days. 

It doesn’t get much better for Romney as Cain made up 15 points and then beat him by 23 points.  Cain was able to do a 38 point turn on Romney in just two days as well.  This shows that Cain is very electable once people hear him and put him side by side in the light against the other candidates.

The second thing I saw was from Larry Sabato, Director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics.  He Tweeted, “Herman Cain gives a great speech but he isn't going to be GOP POTUS nominee. So much for FL's straw poll record of always picking winner.”  This got under my skin a bit so I responded, “ @LarrySabato  It's because of U that we feel so strong about supporting  @THEHermanCain. The people pick the candidate not the pundits!  #GOP   You see, it’s people like Prof Sabato who want to tell you who is electable and unelectable thus allowing them to control which candidates have the opportunity to be the President.  What Prof Sabato does not understand is that we are in a crisis in America and the people understand that the same old politicians cannot fix the mess they themselves have created. 

This as I’ve discussed in another post is Political Insanity.  It’s people like Prof Sabato and the main stream media who try and control the elections by telling you who should be this party’s nominee or that party’s nominee.  They do not understand that we can think for ourselves and they don’t expect us to think for ourselves.  But then there’s something different about Herman Cain that doesn’t feel right for the pundits who try and control the elections.  You see, Herman Cain is too close to being an everyday person that it places fear in those same pundits that someone like us might actually be able to win the White House.

That’s why Herman Cain is so electable.  He’s one of us.  Perry and Romney fit the pundit’s mold, but Cain steps up and breaks that mold.  We need a mold breaker in the White House to support us.

Some can one argue that they really like Herman Cain, but he’s unelectable?  Think of it this way.  If Herman Cain is this good against seven polished career politician, how good would he be against one Democrat career politician?  This is a no brainier. 

Herman Cain is the most electable candidate in the field today!  Perry has proven he cannot talk and Obama would wipe the floor with him.  Romney is turning into not just a career politician, but a career candidate with no pop and Obama would also take him out.  The rest have no real chance that I see to win the nomination.  That leaves us with Herman versus Obama. 

Herman has more economic experience than all of Obama’s advisers combined.  Herman is a teleprompter free zone.  Imagine a person who is dependent on a teleprompter going up against someone who is so intelligent that all he needs is his beliefs and convictions to give you a story that is so personal you believe you were living it as it is spoken.  That’s what Herman Cain would do to Obama.  Obama cannot use the race card against Cain.  This is huge if Obama has either Perry or Romney to choose from.  Cain is a mathematician, so Obama couldn’t send false numbers his direction and expect Mr. Cain to buy it.   

Currently Cain versus Obama is a statistical dead heat even though Obama’s name recognition is 100% and Herman Cain’s is 50%.  This shows that once Cain’s recognition even gets to only 55% he’s got Obama beat!  I believe the most electable candidate isn’t the one who can just squeak by and hope to win an election.  The most electable candidate is the one who will win with a slam dunk.  I believe the people of Floridagave the rest of the nation a little taste of who the true electable candidate is. 

Herman Cain is the most electable candidate in the field period!  So next time you hear someone say, “I really like Herman Cain, but,,,” Stop them right there and just tell them know that he is electable and he will be our next President.


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