Thursday, September 22, 2011

The State of Political Insanity

The State of Political Insanity

By J C Anger

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" 
~ Albert Einstein~ 

When Einstein made that quote he didn’t realize how accurately he would be defining the state of America’s obsession with political insanity. 

You see, when we look on the true problems this nation faces one major thing jumps out at me – 

  “Career politicians got us in this mess -
And America has expected career politicians to get us out of this mess” 

For years career politicians have shown that they care for nothing except maintaining a status quo where they tax what the people earn and then redistribute the money to people who do not earn it.  This has created a vicious environment that has placed nearly 50% of the population in a government dependent position which does not allow for them to be able to lift themselves from this dependency.  This allows for a greater government centric society for which this nation was never meant to be. 

The last election was immersed in hope and change, but what we got instead is a supercharging towards caste totalitarianism.  In order to change this direction, the people must stand up and do something different.  Another career politician elected President will not change the course of this nation.  It’s just another step towards institutionalized national political insanity.

So how do we get off the treadmill of political insanity we find ourselves on? 

I believe the best example was found in NY Congressional District 9.  NY9 proved, by electing Bob Turner to Congress, that we do not need to follow the mold given to us by the political experts and the main stream media. 

Congressman Turner has never held a political office in his life, yet the people saw this as an opportunity to place an outsider in DC to shake things up.  I’m proud of the people of NY9, in that they stood up not for the political machine, but they stepped outside of the condition of political insanity, and allowed their voice to be heard over the experts.  Great job citizens of NY9, you have shown that there’s a cure for this political insanity.

Now what’s next? 

The 2012 election could become the most important election that this nation has ever faced.  I believe that I am not understating this enough due to the fact in the direction that political insanity has driven us. 

In 2012 there is a way to cure ourselves from the political insanity which we have placed ourselves in.  The entire members of the GOP field are a career politician, say one. 

We can place a political title on each of those candidates like senator, congressman, speaker, or governor except for one who we must call candidate. 

To vote for any of those career politicians would just keep this nation in the state of political insanity.  The only way we can step out of this national political insanity is to vote for Herman Cain for President in 2012. 

Herman Cain has not held a political office in his lifetime.  This means that he does not have an interest in the everyday insanity that is DC.  He would come to DC with a fresh prospective of being an everyday person, understanding how we feel about the mess that this nation is in.  What he does bring to DC is the one thing that is lacking from every single one of the career politicians he is running against, and that’s a history of being a problem solver. 

He has not been given a winner just to keep the status quo or to make sure it doesn’t loose too much, he has been given loosing businesses and have turned them around into winners. 

There are those career politicians who claim that they created so many jobs, yet when you truly look at it, most of the time they inherited the conditions for those jobs to be created and just kept the status quo good enough for long enough to make themselves look half way decent on paper. 

Herman Cain has created jobs.  He has taken failed economic situations and has turned them into successful economic situations.  He has a history of taking something from the verge of bankruptcy and bringing it into the land of prosperity.  

Let’s put this into perspective. 

This nation is on the verge of total economic failure.  Career politicians have created the environment that we are in.  There is no career politician who goes far enough in their plans to understand and fix what is wrong with this nation’s failing economic situation. 

Herman Cain has a history of saving situations that were on the verge of total economic failure.  He has always created environments for success when failure was standing on the doorstep ready to shut things down. 

His bold solutions to this nation’s problems are just what we need to turn this nation away from its political insanity.  Where others fall short of doing what is enough, Herman Cain understand that in order to solve this situation we find ourselves in we must take the boldest of steps to change the direction we are going. 

Career politicians want to tweak things that Herman Cain understands need to be thrown out.
 I like to think of it this way – career politicians like to put bandages next to the wounds in hope that the infection doesn’t spread, but it does anyways.  Herman Cain’s solutions would put the bandage with ointment directly on the wound and we will see it disappear. 

So let’s wrap this up. 

Career politicians got us into the mess we are in and the people have fallen into a cycle of political insanity because we think another career politician can fix the problem.  If we nominate and the elect another career politician, we are just maintaining our insanity and this is our own fault for our condition. 

Herman Cain is not a career politician.  Herman Cain is a problem solver.  Herman Cain fixes failing economic situations.  If we vote Herman Cain as the GOP nominee and the as our next President of the United States of America, we will have broken the cycle of political insanity that we find ourselves in. 

We as a nation have a serious ailment and the only one who can cure us is ourselves in our actions.  Herman Cain is the fix.  We need to vote Herman Cain in 2012 for the sake of our national political sanity.


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