Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Trying to Ignore the Stupid

Trying to Ignore the Stupid

By J C Anger

It’s truly not hard to tell when someone is truly afraid.  There is often those who try to look somewhere else, often a lash out and name called or even a demonization of whatever is frightening this person or group of people.  Thus is the place in time which we find ourselves in. 

One of the greatest citizen’s movements within recent memory is coming together and changing history.  This citizen’s movement is not subject to one form of person or another.  It does not take on a certain race or specific gender.  It cares not about age or background.  It is being birthed by a ground swell of everyday people who only truly care for this nation’s future with such passion they are willing to sacrifice what it takes to let people know how much they care.  This is the citizen movement known by words like Cainiacs, RepubliCains, Citizens4Cain, Friends of Cain, and so much more.  Single handedly this citizen’s movement has propelled the Little Engine That Could into the Bullet Train That Will.  They are changing the course of history and the political landscape as we know it may never be the same.  These are the supporters of Herman Cain for President of the United States of America in 2012.

Yet it’s not all roses on the Cainiac front.  In fact these hard working, tireless individuals are under attack like never before.  Their accomplishments have stumped even the main stream media with its effectiveness and they are now seen as the serious threat to what the establishment has in place.  They truly understand that MESSAGE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN MONEY and they are working to get the message out like never before in American history.  This is the very reason there is now fear in the establishment and that is why this citizen’s movement is being attacked.

First it comes from those who are supposed to be friends.  When they helped propel Herman Cain to a victory in the Presidency 5 Florida Straw Poll with a margin of victory that totaled more than the two media darling’s totals combined, the main stream media and some of the Republican establishment instantly tried to court a new front runner since they were afraid the people were rising up to elect who they want.  Some said it was a no confidence vote even though it was a slam dunk win for Mr. Cain.  What the political pundits forgot to do is ask the people who did the voting to weigh in.  When I talked to the Florida constituents they stated that they voted for Herman because he’s someone they could believe in.  I read a Tweet on the Straw Poll live stream that read “I though Herman Cain was unelectable until I heard him speak”!  Why does the establishment fear who the people pick?  Is it that they know that when the people have a say it disrupts their important balance of power that they’ve worked so hard to control?  Instead of actually giving credit where the credit is due, they try and stupidly try to shift the focus.  It’s a stupid tactic that just doesn’t work in this campaign.

Next you would imagine that having Herman Cain as your first and only choice for President would dismiss claims of racism.  Instead the left wing radicals have turned it up a notch in their attacks of a group of people who are all-in for a Conservative black man to become the leader of the free world.  Their ignorant rants actually show how racist they have become attacking both the supporters and Mr. Cain himself.  I guess they want to change history because they don’t want people to know that the Democratic Party fought to keep slavery legal and the Republican Party was created to abolish slavery.  I guess they want history to be changed so that people don’t remember that the Democratic Party fought to keep lynching legal while the Republicans successfully outlawed this brutal form of murder.  I guess they want history changed so that you wont ever read that the greatest Civil Rights leader that ever lived, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was a Republican.  With histories like these, is there any question which party is the racist element?  The only reason they are lashing out like this is because they are afraid and fear makes people do some stupid things. 

Next you have a group of people who are trying to demonize you through non-issues.  These people know who they are because they are very attacking in the way they conduct themselves.  They are so-called Republicans who hi-jack polls and posts, not to make their candidate look good, but instead to try and demonize the other candidate and their followers.  They use scare tactics and try and smear using things that have been discussed and solved for years.  They have no true basis to stand on except the issues which they are trained to talk about with well rehearsed scripts and rhetoric that turns into senseless Politico-babble.  They come in and attempts to hi-jack Mr. Cain’s sites and get promptly put their place and showed the door for being offensive and senseless.  Their stupidity just shows in there futile attempt to win the argument through force instead of fact. 

As Herman Cain continues to grow in the polls, the citizen’s movement is seeing an incredible spike, the like of which is unprecedented.  The rise in support is unreal.  From the addition of Dennis Miller to the Zogby Poll showing he is in first place nationally, it shows the momentum of the citizen’s movement is stronger than anyone could have imagined.  We are proving the two things that Mr. Cain has been sharing in his interviews this week are true.  First is the people are more powerful than the media.  Second message is more powerful than money. 

What the experts or our opponents do in response to our momentum doesn’t matter.  The people of this movement are what matters.  We will stick to our principles and continue to spread our message.  We share with Herman Cain many common attributes.  We can relate to the man he is because he is real.  The more I talk to people on the street, the more the momentum grows.  So let those who wish to lash out, lash out.  Let those who wish to ignore, ignore.  Let those who wish to demonize, demonize.  What they all do it just goes to prove a common point – YOU CAN’T CURE STUPID!