Monday, September 19, 2011

Looking for fellow Cainiacs Bloggers

Cainiacs 2012

Here at Cainiacs 2012, we are always on the lookout for additional high quality content. We know very well the amount of time it takes to write a well researched and news-worthy article. Most people do
not have time to be a regular contributor to a blog. Still, the occasional piece, written as one is motivated to do so, can still have a lot of value.

For this reason, we are announcing that we are accepting articles for submission on a grassroots volunteer basis to augment the stories by our featured writers. There is no guarantee that your piece will be posted, but if it meets the following criteria, the odds are very high we will approve it. This is solely on a volunteer basis, this is a grassroots effort to promote Herman Cain in 2012.

1) You give us full perpetual rights to post and repost the article on our website, to use it in promotional materials, and in any other way that we see fit to use it in the promotion of Herman Cain and the Conservative and Religious movement.

2) The piece is well written, well researched and written in a newsworthy style. Professional Journalism isn’t what we are needing, just honest everyday folks with a love of Country.

3) The submission is your own original work or comments on work belonging to another, but complies with any fair use restrictions. Please use credible resources to bolster and enhance the article.  

4) You agree to allow us to add any images, titles, headlines or other markup as we see essential to fit the editorial requirements of our blog.

5) You allow us to edit the submission for length, readability, and other common editorial reasons. We will discuss any changes if they are needed before hand.

6) You cover a topic relevant to a large number of people. And try to tie it to Herman Cain along with the Conservative or Religious movement. 

7) You agree to use your real name, Location ( City,State ) or provide a compelling reason to have it withheld.

8) You write from a centrist to a strongly conservative point of view. We are not looking for an echo chamber, but there is plenty of room for liberal points of view elsewhere, the media outlets have this covered already.

9) It can be read comfortably within a reasonable amount of time. I.e., don't write a book.

Some suggested topics include:
  • Coverage and commentary of Herman Cain at political events
  • Proposals in support of Herman Cain’s policies at the state and federal level
  • Specific Issues of the day’s events involving Herman Cain
  • Biography pieces on persons of note included within the articles if needed, or you may provide a link to be added to provide reference and enhance the blog. 
  • Compositions about historical events and people as it may relate to the campaign.
  • Original political cartoons – Tasteful artwork only will be accepted
  • Book reviews pertaining to  Herman Cain
Of course, other content will be accepted as well, if it is deemed worthy of publication.

Thank you for your support of Herman Cain and lets have a great time and lots of fun in the upcoming months, and lets reflect a positive light on Herman Cain.

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