Sunday, September 18, 2011

Herman Cain on Fox News Sunday 9/18/2011

Herman Cain on Fox News Sunday 9/18/2011

with Chris Wallace

Herman Cain discusses his 999 plan

Phase 1 - Immediate Boost

• As I have outlined, the following represent the minimum for feeding the economic engine and are the “low hanging fruit” offering the most “bang for the buck”
• Reduce individual and business income taxes to a maximum 25%
• Eliminate taxes on repatriated foreign profits and capital gains
• The capital gains tax is a wall separating those with ideas from those with money
• Why would we want to wall off those with ideas? That’s where we get business formation, job creation and innovation.
• When companies sell products overseas they face double taxation when those profits are brought home (repatriation) to invest in America and pay its workers
• Companies don’t ship jobs overseas, Liberals ship capital overseas and the jobs merely follow.

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