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From Liberals: "Obama Critics: If You're White, You're a Racist, If You're Black, You're an Uncle Tom/Sellout"

From Liberals: "Obama Critics: If You're White, You're a Racist, If You're Black, You're an Uncle Tom/Sellout"

by Talitha McEachin

After numerous recent and past conversations with those who identify themselves as both Obama supporters, Liberal and/or Democrat, I have found many constants, however, one of those is overwhelmingly & conspicuously apparent : If you criticize President Obama, Liberals or the DP and are White, you will be labeled a “racist”, and if you do the same and are Black, you are a “sellout”or an “Uncle Tom”. Most Liberals love to resort to name-calling when they are “cornered”with sound reasoning, logic and hard, objective evidence contrary to their arguments when debating Conservatives. They have no hard evidence themselves in most cases, to buttress their arguments, so that leaves them one of three choices: the first one is the Ad hominems or the name-calling (I've experienced it too many times) – basically, they launch a personal attack on their opponent rather than the opponent's argument. Secondly, they sometimes will argue back and forth to the point of ad nauseam, then when they can no longer come up with invalid arguments they will suddenly (out of nowhere) jump the DP/Liberal ship altogether and declare, “I'm an Independent.”Lastly, they submit to defeat and admit the strength of the Conservative argument. (Conservatives when debating Liberals, please do not hold your breath for the latter choice, we need your influence & your votes in the next election) This post is to address the first choice – the fallacious and unnecessary name-calling as it relates to the race of the target Conservatives.

I am convinced that the majority of Americans view many political & social occurrences through the prism of race, on either side. In this country, the primary sides are Black and White people. (I'm not disregarding the prevalence of other races or cultures but rather, I am being realistic about who mostly has issues with race in America for the purpose of this post.) As a friend of mine pointed out in a thread on Facebook:
"What a lot of people do not realize is that unfortunately, many Black liberals and the masses of Black people for that matter, will go against an organization that they do not understand just because it is predominantly white. If the majority of White people are in it and agree with it, then there must be something wrong with it. There are historical contexts that support this mistrust and suspicion. Institutional racism, the Tuskegee experiment, Scottsboro Boys – all of these things plus many more, have produced generations of mistrust in the Black community which is not easy to expunge."
So Black Liberals (many of you and your White sympathizers) I get it. You're still pi**ed off about the history of this country – slavery, the racism, the evil White man who did it all, as well as the greedy Africans who sold your ancestors into slavery right? Right? Hello...Liberals mad at the White man, US government for slavery & racism? (even though you are many generations removed from it for the most part) Oh well, a resounding echo on those Africans equally culpable. Darn. I thought we were about to make some progress over the historical context argument. I suppose you get to pick and choose which events to lament over rather than seeing all of the events in their cause and effect relationship, Mea Culpa.
Of course, there have been plenty of racist comments from black Conservatives regarding other blacks, Here are a few:
1. (Affect(ing) a black accent to recount San Francisco mayor Willie Brown asking) "Who is this "Emily List? She's supportin' all these people. She's supportin' Sen. Dianne Feinstein. She's supported Sen. Barbara Boxer....She supported everybody. Why won't she support me?"

2. "Some junior high n*gger kicked Steve's ass while he was trying to help his brothers out; junior high or sophomore in high school. Whatever it was, Steve had the n*gger down. However it was, it was Steve's fault. He had the n*gger down, he let him up. The n*gger blindsided him."

3."You'd find these potentates from down in Africa, you know, rather than eating each other, they'd just come up and get a good square meal in Geneva."

Of course, there are also racist statements from white Conservatives too (We can't forget the evil white man!)

4. "A handkerchief-head, chicken-and-biscuit-eating Uncle Tom.”

5."He's married to a white woman. He wants to be white. He wants a colorless society. He has no ethnic pride. He doesn't want to be black."

6."In the days of slavery, there were those slaves who lived on the plantation and [there] were those slaves that lived in the house. You got the privilege of living in the house if you served the master ... exactly the way the master intended to have you serve him. Colin Powell's committed to come into the house of the master. When Colin Powell dares to suggest something other than what the master wants to hear, he will be turned back out to pasture."

There you have it. Conservatives maybe the Liberals have a point after all. Here we have racist statements from black & white people among us and in a few cases directed against us. Maybe white Conservatives deserve to be called a racist after all, and the Black Conservatives should be called sellouts, Uncle Toms and racist as well. I mean, what respectful black Conservative person would call one of there own people the “N”word? And Why would a white Conservative be at all concerned with “house n*ggers”? Oh, mea culpa again, I have my quotes mixed up! Quotes 1-3 are from white liberals ( Hillary Clinton, Roger Clinton & Fritz Hollings – all White, Democrat & Liberal) Quotes 4-6 are from black liberals (Spike Lee on Clarence Thomas, California State Senator Diane Watson's on Ward Connerly's interracial marriage & Harry Belafonte – all Black, Democrat & Liberal) So my Liberals friends, are you going to label your party-mates racist too?

Now I know there are Liberals who will quickly say, “There are Conservatives who are racist and say racist things as well!” Here again, proving a prior post that you can never argue within the terms of the original arguments because that would involve you arguing against the racist quotes above and therefore your friends in the Democratic Party. Catch-22 isn't it? Not a fun dilemma to be in at all. It's a shame that many Liberals have either lost their ability to be objective or never developed that skill because for Conservatives it is invaluable, enabling us to praise or criticize one of our own, simply based on the facts, and not a person's race. That was the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr., a Republican, who prayed for a day when men would be judged by their character & not the color of his or her skin.
We utilize this objectivity when assessing President Obama's ability to transform this country socially & economically. This is a task which he has failed us – all of us Black, White, Hispanic, Asian and thank God some of us can see him outside of his “race” which by the way, my Liberal friends is both Black and White. So are white people racist for criticizing his Black half only? How do White Conservatives feel about his White half? (surely they couldn't be “racist”against his white half also.) What about the Black Conservatives who criticize him?, I guess you would argue that we are criticizing his Black half and in a love affair with his white half & are Uncle Toms and sellouts because of that. When you're done criticizing this piece (and when I'm done laughing), I'd like you to respond with your method of separating President Obama's two identities because you absolutely must separate Obama's halves in order for the racist, sellout & Uncle Tom charges to have any merit, you guys do know this right?
Lastly, here is the actual language of the name-calling. First of all a racist is “a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that a certain human race is superior to any or all others. This definition does not say one word about a particular accuser or target of this adjective nor can Liberals point to one Conservative who has advocated the superiority of their race – White or Black or any other race. However, I can point to Black and White Liberals who have done just that! (Ironic isn't it?) A “sell-out” is a person who betrays a cause, organization or in this instance, their race. Well, since you won't be able to reason properly to get from under the “racial duality” argument with regards to President Obama above, I'll keep laughing through those attempts and give you a free pass on the “sellout” charges.
Now the “Uncle Tom”charge I will debunk because every time I hear a liberal call a conservative an Uncle Tom I shake my head in disbelief and humor because being called an “Uncle Tom”is actually a compliment. If I were a Liberal I'd stop referring to Black Conservatives or any Black person in general as an “Uncle Tom” because it shows that you have not read Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel. Uncle Tom, who is the novel's protagonist, actually suffered and died because he refused to tell his brutal slave-owner the escape intentions/plans of other slaves.
After Tom is sold to said brutal owner (Simon Legree) The slaves are taken to the man's run-down plantation among the swamps. Tom is set to picking cotton, and he tries to make the best of his position by prayer and hope. He meets Cassy, Legree's black concubine, and learns her horrifying story. Tom is whipped mercilessly for attempting to help his fellow slaves, and Legree vows to break his spirit or kill him. Cassy does her best to use her influence to save Tom. But Tom, in the months that follow his beating, loses heart and nearly his faith, until at the lowest ebb of his life he is given the grace to prevail in spirit against Legree's torture. He brings his own spiritual strength to the other slaves, and Cassy devises a way for her and Emmeline to escape. The two women hide in Legree's own garret while the man searches the swamps for them. Legree questions Tom, who knows their plan but refuses to tell. Legree has Sambo and the other overseer whip Tom until he is near death; finally Legree gives up, and the dying Tom forgives him and the two men who whipped him.
George Shelby, arrived to buy Tom's freedom, is in time only to hear his last words. But Cassy and Emmeline have made good their escape, and they meet George on the riverboat going north. Another lady on the boat reveals that she is George Harris's sister, and Cassy recognizes that George's wife Eliza is her own daughter. The two, with Emmeline, go to Canada and find George, Eliza, and their children; they all eventually go to France, return, and plan to emigrate to Liberia. Meanwhile George Shelby returns to his farm, where his father has died, breaks the news to Chloe of Tom's death, and frees all his slaves, telling them to remember that they owe their freedom to the influence of Uncle Tom.
Now if that's an “Uncle Tom” you are not only free to call me that name but encouraged to do so (Well Aunt Tom in my case) He not only endured two brutal beatings so other slaves could escape, but his life inspired a White slave owner, whom he had served for years, to return home and free all of his slaves. The author, Harriett Beecher Stowe, was a White abolitionist so when you call a Black person an “Uncle Tom” you are actually not only complimenting them but also honoring her.
I wish we did live (now) in Martin Luther king Jr's “dream” where we all would be judged only by our character and not color but we do not and have a long way to go. The Conservative agenda is the closest to realizing his dream because we judge Obama based on his failed policies, empty promises & his fiscal irresponsibility. Believe me, there is enough there that we need not even mention his races. I find his biracial heritage quite a relief for us all because since he is both black and white, this should keep everyone from attacking him based on race because black and white people would actually be attacking themselves because we all share a part of him. This is one of the reasons I am proud to be an American and Conservative.
I know of another American whose dream his fellow Democrats (especially Black) fulfill diligently and faithfully, that of Lyndon B Johnson, the 36th President of the United States, who said, “I'll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” That was less than 100 years ago so if we stop wasting time with racial epithets and the name-calling, there is still time to prove him wrong.

Where’s the outrage over D.L. Hughley’s racist attack on Herman Cain?

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