Monday, September 19, 2011

It is time to redefine the two-man race!


It is time to redefine the two-man race!



This week's Gallup Positive Intensity Ratings once again put Herman Cain near the top!  This is definitely a sign that Herman's supporters are very enthusiastic about his candidacy and his platform, and we are excited that you are part of the team.  We cannot do it without you!

During the past 17 weeks, Herman topped the Positive Intensity Rankings 14 times.  Rick Perry and Herman have become the top two contenders in the positive intensity poll.  Herman has constantly ranked at or near the top.  It is time to redefine the two-man race!   We need to continue to spread Herman's Common Sense Solutions to more voters as the elections near, for people who hear Herman's message like him.

Click to view this week's Positive Intensity Ratings from Gallup.   

Also, check out the interactive chart on the page to see the progress we have made!

Take "September PUSH" Challenge


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Take "September PUSH" Challenge

To take the challenge, pledge to donate each day in September, with your donation in an amount equal to the day of the month. For example: $1.00 for September 1st, $2.00 for September 2nd, $3.00 for
September 3rd, and so on. 
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