Monday, October 3, 2011

Resorting to the Non-issues

Resorting to the Non-issues

by J C Anger

There’s a common tactic used in politics, that when someone has such sound ideas you cannot argue with them, resort to name calling and distractions.  Thus is the time we find ourselves in today.  With an incredible surge in name recognition and in popularity because of that name recognition, Herman Cain has found himself the target of people claiming this and that, even though this and that have no baring on the future of this nation and the common sense solutions Mr. Cain has put before America.  It truly is a matter of attacking and distracting because you do not know how to defend against the message that is resonating with people.

I will not go into the non-issues that are being pushed against Mr. Cain because they don’t deserve the light of day.  What I do want to concentrate on are two facts that are coming to light as this surge continues.  First fact is that the people matter more than the main stream media.  The surge that Herman Cain is receiving is from a dedicated citizen’s movement that has never before bee seen in the political arena during the modern day of media.  The second thing is message is more powerful that money.  Once again this historic surge is not because Mr. Cain is spending money and going in debt like other candidates have done and continue to do, it’s because of the common sense solutions that are being put before the people who hear them and they understand them.

Main stream media is the core of the distraction part of the non-issue equation.  They attempt to deflect the solutions by bringing up situations that create opinions to come forward.  Once the opinions come forward, the main stream media attempts to swarm the airwaves with this distraction to the point it seems relevant.  They attempt to overtake any citizen momentum that is built up in order to control the conversation.  The only problem with this is that due to the current environment the nations finds itself in, the people are caring more about the solutions than these distractions.  This makes the citizens far more important than anything the main stream media can create.  

The presence of cyber-media is also a large part of the citizen’s movement.  People have the medium of finding alternative views from the media spin that usually attempts to distract people from what really matter, which are solutions to problems.  The cyber-media is mainly made up of citizens itself.  The cyber-media gives opinions on issues versus distractions.  The cyber-media is growing at such a rate that it allows people to shuffle through the static created by the main stream media, and find out what the solutions are.  When people finally find the common sense solutions that Herman Cain brings, it’s pretty easy to avoid the distractions that the main stream media is trying to force feed us.  This is another reason in the surge of importance of the people versus the decline of importance in the main stream media.

Next it is very common for people to name call if they cannot successfully defend their position in a logical argument.  This action attempts to place a label on an individual, thus pulling the focus away from the argument of the solutions and placing it into painting a picture of an individual who now holds a title of being a “whatever”.  This attempts to play on the emotion of individuals and expects those individuals who are listening to “not think for themselves” and instead “listen to what I am saying” without getting a full picture of what was truly said or done.  This in essence attempts to control someone’s thoughts without allowing them to gain all the facts of the situation (brainwashing).  But the problem in today’s environment is that people have found that it’s more important to listen to the solutions rather than be distracted by baseless rhetoric.  Herman Cain’s message has been resonating far louder than any label or name they can place on him because first and foremost he is a problem solver.

You see there are candidates who are spending so much money it makes it seem that they don’t care this nations is at over 9% unemployment and facing a debt over $14,000,000,000,000!  Most candidates flock to few people and expect them to donate thousands, while Herman Cain has been going to thousands of people with the understanding that they are facing difficult times, and asking for whatever they can afford.  Then the other candidates are spending money without concern of going very far in debt, while Mr. Cain has had concern of how to properly spend that which he has been given in a responsible way.  This stewardship is resonating with the American people.  It shows that the message can definitely overpower the money.

So let’s take our mental weed-whacker out and sift through this mess that is being thrown at us from all directions.  Non-issues are being used at an alarming rate and those people with an attitude and a loud voice are grabbing the ear of the main stream media.  They fear to go against Mr. Cain’s message because his message is that of being a success instead of being a victim.  These so-called experts who are name calling and fear mongering cannot hold a candle to the fact that Mr. Cain’s solutions are based on the fact that he wants to see this nation and its people not just survive but thrive! 

The fact that an independent cyber-media source has stated that at a minimum this nation would be out of debt in nine years if we implement Mr. Cain’s 9-9-9 plan.  That’s going from over $14,000,000,000,000 to $0 in nine years!  That’s the message that is resonating with people, not the name calling that is being hyped up with those who fear that they may have to face Herman Cain in 2012.

The fact that the Wall Street Journal said that Mr. Cain has it right on Social security with the Chilean Model that has worked for over 30 years is a testament to the fact that Mr. Cain is about solutions.  While the other candidates debate over what they want to call it, Mr. Cain gives a solution.  The solutions are louder than the rhetoric. 

I could go on with example after example.  The fact that this makes no sense to the main stream media, the political experts, and the opponents who Mr. Cain is facing does not matter in the focus of this debate.  Instead what truly matters is the fact that Mr. Cain’s message is resonating louder than anything the experts or opponents want to sling forward as an issues.  People are becoming less and less distracted with what the political pundits want the citizens “to hear” and they are becoming more and more focused on what “the message is telling them”. 
This goes to show that message matters and so do the people!  It’s time to drown out the noise and see why more and more people are looking at Herman Cain for the next President of the United States of America.

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