Friday, October 21, 2011

A conversation I'd like to have with those Protesting on Wall Street.

A conversation I'd like to have with those Protesting on Wall Street.

By Laurie Pruser-Stockman

Protesting Wall Street is not going to keep Wall Street from buying politicians who in turn write the laws that benefit Wall Street not the citizens who are protesting Wall Street. . .who will surely buy more politicians. . 

It's a circle... So what to do? If what you want is for your tax dollars and those of others to do good for people who need it. . go to Washington, like the TEA Party and demand that the politicians stop raising taxes on YOU and start doing their jobs, 1. Oversee the FED as it is their duty by the law that created the FED. 2. Stop being bought.( the only way to truly do this is to not vote them back into office) 3. Make them come up with a budget that is not only balanced but feasible. Demand transparency.. you're not getting it. It begins with the person running the Oval Office and frankly I'm not sure who that is at this time. 

Look at Who Wall Street donates to the most . . . it's probably not who you think it is. 

Our country was designed to be a republic. . not a democracy. 

Why do you want the government to take more money from anyone when they haven't even passed a budget ( with a super majority for 2 years and a majority that they have now) in over 903 days? These are the same people who bailed out the banks etc. . *these banks were not going to fail as they paid off their loans early with interest* so they should have been allowed to follow the protocol of a troubled business and re-organize. 

Dodd-Frank does not protect you as a consumer. . . it is the problem much as Fannie Mae, Freddy Mac and Sally have been for decades. 

Change the players but know who is supporting your choices. . . it's not that hard; if you Hope to see Change that you can Believe in. 

I'd like to know what percentage of each dollar taken in for medicaid/medicare/social security actually gets to the people needing these programs and what percentage of that dollar goes to administrative costs? I have little doubt why all of the programs are insolvent. Do you? 

If the Federal Government were a business. . would you buy what they're producing? Would you opt to keep bailing them out? As an investor ( and you are) would you demand a new CEO and board? Would demand a change in how that business did business? I would. . I do. . I am not part of the 1%. . I'm at the bottom of the 99% and I am the TEA PARTY and I support putting a true Leader and Problem Solver in the White House. . I support Herman Cain.  " There might be different styles of leadership but there’s still only one formula for successful leadership: making sure you know how to identify the right problem, set the right priorities, and surround yourself with good people.”  Mr. Herman Cain.  

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