Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"The people vs. The experts"

"The people vs. The experts"

By ~ Rosalinda Robles -Kilmer

I’m completely fed up with the pathetic, baseless comments made by media personalities, like A.B. Stoddard of The Hill, who continue to say that Mr. Cain is not running a serious campaign because he’s on a book tour. Then I heard an Iowa GOP establishment crony, Doug Gross state that Herman Cain couldn’t be taken seriously as a potential winner for the Iowa straw poll because, “ He doesn't have an organization here. He's selling books and making money off running for President. I think it's pretty disgusting.” Well, enough is enough!

Mr. Cain, is a man of incredible integrity, and he would NEVER ask average citizens to give up their hard earned cash, in this tough economy, to support his campaign, just to sell books. He wouldn’t ask his supporters to waste hours of their lives to help him increase his name ID and spread his message of common-sense solutions to get himself a TV show. He wouldn’t give up spending time with his wife, and work over 12 grueling hours a day because he likes being followed by adoring fans.

Herman Cain is a serious man with ambitious goals because he loves this country and wants to help restore its greatness and get it back on to a path of inspirational success. He is wisely using the book tour to increase his name ID and fan the flame of enthusiasm for his candidacy. He doesn't have a large "paid" organization because he is relying on grassroots "bottoms up" efforts to help him reach the White House and stretch his campaign dollars further.
These frequent comments by clueless, out-of-touch pundits are nothing more than uninformed speculations and pathetic attacks from establishment elitists who don't like that the people are choosing for themselves. They don’t understand that the people don’t care about candidates having the biggest monetary war chest or political experience in a failed system. They do care about, however, about someone who brings leadership qualities, is proud of promoting conservative principles, offers good ideas to solve our many problems, and does it with abundant optimism and a great love for this country.

So the next time you hear that Mr. Cain isn’t serious because he hasn’t camped out in Iowa or New Hampshire, just remember that Mr. Cain and his campaign manager, Mark Block, have always said that they are running a “50 state” campaign. They are running an unconventional campaign, for an unconventional candidate, who is going to proudly discredit every political “expert.”

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