Thursday, October 13, 2011

Caring to Engage~Meeting Herman Cain

Caring to Engage
Meeting Herman Cain

By J C Anger

It’s been a few days and It’s finally hit me, “My family talked to the next President of the United States of America!”  Yes, I will be so bold to say that Herman Cain will be the next President of the United States and it doesn’t come from all of these months watching him rise in the polls.  The reason I believe Herman Cain will be the next President of the United States, happened on Sunday, 9 October 2011 behind the Books-a-million in Rock Hill, South Carolina.
I have been working as a North Carolina state leader for some time with the citizen’s movement to get Mr. Cain elected President in 2012.  I had heard that he was going to be in Rock Hill on the previous Friday and didn’t think much of it.  I placed it in the back of my head as it seemed that his appearance was going to interfere with church.  So I thought nothing of it.
When Sunday came I went to look at the exact times that Mr. Cain was going to be in Rock Hill.  It seemed that he was going to be gone by the time that church was out.  We had service and my middle daughter went to a friends house.  I looked at the clock and then had a wild hair.  I decided to try and get to Rock Hill to see if we could see Herman Cain in person. 
The drive was a lot longer than I thought.  We got to Rock Hill and promptly got lost.  We drove through Rock Hill and I decided not to go back the same way I came.  I thought I missed seeing Mr. Cain.  As I drove I saw over the horizon Books-a-million.  My wife said let’s see if they’re still there.  Much to my surprise I found out that he had not even arrived yet.  There were people there for over and hour waiting.  Hundreds has lined up to see the man they thought could be the next President. 
My family decided to go one way and then I had a thought.  Maybe I could hand out information and sign people up to volunteer.  It was a plan that I thought would work just fine.  I started to get a few people to sign on.  Then it was near time for the bus to arrive.  I went behind the building with the press and I actually got to meet J. D Gordon, Mr. Cain’s Vice President of Communications and Foreign Policy and Security Advisor (now that’s a mouth full).  He is a top notch individual and a truly awesome addition to an already great campaign staff.
During Mr. Cain’s book signing I continued to take names, hand out information, and sign people up.  I felt awesome helping out Herman on the outside.  There were so many people who were excited about the idea of getting Herman in and getting Obama out of the White House.  There were also people who were looking into Herman hoping to learn more about the person who is Candidate Cain.
Mr. Cain finished pretty quickly and I went behind the store.  I did get to shake Mr. Cain’s hand and introduce myself.  He has the most firm hand shake I have ever felt.  I thought to myself, ‘this man is pure confidence’.  I saw that Mr. Cain was going to do a TV interview so I went to grab the family.  I asked them if they wanted to meet Mr. Cain and my oldest daughter exclaimed, “YES!”
We went to the back and I went up and talked to Mr. Gordon and he told me to wait and he’d let me introduce my family to Mr. Cain.  My wife thought we were not suppose to be back there, but I ensured her we had permission.  We waited and Mr. Cain finished the interview and then went to the bus.  I thought we had missed the chance, but then Mr. Cain stopped and purposefully returned to greet my family. 
What happened next proved to me that this man is going to be the next President.  He took the time to engage each member of my family.  From me it was to my ten month old son.  Mr. Cain was smitten that little JoJo was smiling at him.  Herman exclaimed, “He’s smiling!”  It warmed mine and my wife’s heart that he took time to notice even the smallest of child.  Then he shook my ten year old daughter’s and five year old daughter’s hands.  I also introduce my wife and then Mr. Cain started a conversation with my oldest daughter.  He asked how old she was.  She responded, “Almost eleven.”  I mentioned to Mr. Cain that she wrote a paper for class about 9-9-9.  He exclaimed, “It’s so simple an eleven year old can figure it out!  He thanked us for our support and made sure he said goodbye to JoJo.  How awesome was it that this man who is running to be the next leader of the free world would take the time out and engage my entire family.
It was that meeting that made me realize that there is something different about this man compared to those who preceded him.  Mr. Cain can relate to the everyday person.  He cared enough to take time out of his super busy schedule to greet us and say thanks.  He displayed something that most politicians today do not have and that’s the ability to be true and real in the eyes of the everyday person.  His ability to engage and relate to us spoke volumes of the President he will become.  He does truly care and he will not let this nation fail.  His oldest grandchild was born one year before my oldest daughter, so I know he will not let them down.


  1. I, too, got to meet Herman Cain and shake his hand. You're right about his handshake. And what a smile. I ran into him at the "We the People" convention in Columbus, Ohio this past July. I was all alone walking through the huge center to the event from the attached hotel. His body guards were with him and as I walked toward him, I reached out to shake his hand and I said, "Mr. Cain, I love you. You're going to be our next president." He said, with a big smile while still shaking my hand, "Why, thank you very much. I appreciate that." I even got a smile from his tough looking body guards. He will be the next president of the U.S.A.

  2. I look forward to the next time he is in Columbia! I would love to meet him and perhaps volunteer for his campaign!