Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Prince and the Pundits ~ Oh and The People

The Prince and The Pundits

Oh and The People

by J C Anger

There’s this mentality contained within political circles that there is a set precedence on who will be the “next in line” to become a political party’s candidate.  This mentality has rung true and been force fed to the general public for years.  It’s been assumed that if the pundits say that it is true then the general population is suppose to just shut up and accept it as true.  The general population is not to have a mind of their own, but they are just to go along with what they are told.  This mind set has now come under attack and the pundits are doing everything they can to stop the people from thinking for themselves.  That brings me to today’s story.  This is a story that is being played out right now and I hope you enjoy it.

Once upon a time there was a Prince.  Now he wasn’t a Prince because he was born into the position and it’s in his blood, he was a Prince because he was chosen.  You see he was considered the next in line because he waited his turn behind the last person who was picked as prince.  This Prince had been waiting for years to assume his position, so he remained low and didn’t try and ruffle any feathers with the people who were suppose to choose him as Prince.

You see this Prince had the backing of the Pundits.  The Pundits were a powerful group of people who felt it was their right to pick and choose the next Prince.  They had planned for the people to anoint the Prince and not look anywhere else.  They had been looking at this moment for years and according to them everything was in the correct placement.  It has been three long years since the people chose the current Prince who was failing in his position and the Pundits felt that it was now time for the people to back their Prince.

But the people found the Pundits’ Prince to be a bit uneasy.  The people felt that the Prince was not going to be the right person to turn around the current Prince’s following.  So the Pundits had an idea.  Let’s show them another potential Prince so that we can still control the final result.  Both Princes would keep the way it should be better than anyone else and the Pundits would still be in the control.

But while the Pundits were building up their two princes a voice emerged from the people.  This Pauper came up and started to relate to the people.  The Pauper was seen as a man who could relate to the problems of today.  He defined the problems and gave solutions.  The people began to think for themselves.  The people saw the Pauper as a way for them to gain control away from the Pundits.  The people actually saw hope to solve the failures of the current Prince.

The Pundits did not like the idea of the people having a Pauper arise from their population to take control so they planned to silence the Pauper’s voice. First they told their media contacts to cover only their two princes.  They would attempt to make the people think that these two princes are the only people who can lead.  The Pundits sent their spokesmen out and tried to build only their two princes.

Then one day the princes got together with the Pauper and everyone got to hear all of them together.

 The Replacement Prince failed miserably and was no longer relegated to being a Prince.

The Original Prince sounded just like the Pundits wanted him to, which didn’t relate that well to the people.

The Pauper spoke with a fire in his belly and desire in his heart and instantly touched the people where they are.

Suddenly the Pundits saw their control dissolving.  The people started learning and listening for themselves.  They found in the Pauper to be a real person who came from their own ranks.  They started to back the Pauper, because the Pauper had their back.  They were enjoying someone they could understand and it made the Pundits mad in fear.

So the Pundits came up with the idea of attacking the Pauper and his ideas.  Attack after attack was sent towards the Pauper, and time after time the Pauper held strong.  People saw someone with confidence who knew how to lead.  The backing became stronger and stronger until the Pundits had control no more.
The people’s voice was heard and the people were free to think for themselves once again.

I hope you enjoyed this story.  As you can see this story is the reality we are facing today.  The political elite pundits do not want you to vote for someone who came from your ranks.  They do not want you to vote for someone who does not fit their mold.  They had your choice ready for you to pick and expected you to not choose for yourself.  I’m tired of having to settle for people I do not believe in.  I believe in Herman Cain and I believe he is the one who represents the real everyday person.  I do not believe that we should be force fed a candidate and be expected to live with it.  I do not choose who the pundits what me to choose, and I believe each of you should do the same.  We can make a statement by placing our own candidate in the White House.  I stand for Herman Cain, because Herman Cain stands for me.

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