Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Why America - especially Black America, needs Obama vs Cain in 2012"

"Why America - especially Black America, needs Obama vs Cain in 2012"

One would think that nearly one-hundred and fifty years after Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, and years after various Civil Rights Acts were put into place designed to expunge discrimination towards Black people, that America would no longer be so unyielding in it's fixation with race and racism from all sides. After all, there are persons from every race, gender, age group, birthplace, profession, educational background and any other categories that played a role in one or the other or both legislation. If you don't think so, stop reading now, learn some history and come back to this-seriously. Many of you even as you read this are brooding with all sorts of data, feelings, excuses and reasons regarding said events/documents and are already in defense mode two sentences into this missive. That is your prerogative however, I ask only that you quiet your mind with such distractions and hear me out.

The year is 1977. Fellow Georgian Jimmy Carter was President. The world's first personal computer was demonstrated – the Commodore PET. Apple Computer was incorporated. The Oakland Raiders won Super Bowl XI, the Trailblazers won the NBA finals and the Yankees won the World Series. Roots premiered on network television and so did Star Wars in theaters. Elvis Presley performed his very last concert ever & died that same year. Atari 2600 was released. The Department of Energy was formed and for the first and only time, snow fell in Miami, Florida and I was born - privileged. I was born to two Black parents, both southerners, both born in 1948 and dealt with the worst kind of racism and discrimination there was. My own paternal grandfather was killed when my Dad was only nine years old in North Carolina over his race. My mom was born in rural Alabama to a family of eighteen children, but says she was “shielded from racist White southerners” as a child because her father did not allow nor take his children into the city much where most of the blatant racism and Jim Crow laws were in effect. He experienced it for them, so most of them were adults before they were hit directly with it. I say that I was born privileged because by 1977 black and white people had already endured the bulk of the struggling and fighting racism so that I have been able to live my life for the most part without any racial incidences. In fact, I can only think of one time in my life where I experienced racism and it was on a job and my White employer promptly fired the White woman. For those Americans who fought the fight and gave their lives, I am eternally grateful.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why some of those who did live through such times cannot simply let go of those times. You have some White people who are still stuck in the 1960's and hate or discriminate against not only Blacks but minorities in general and you have Black people who are just as stuck in those times, and anytime anyone White does anything you don't like to or with a Black person - the motive MUST be because they are racist (folks people do dumb things for reasons other than race). Excuse my candor, but to both groups, What in the hell were you fighting for exactly? because based on your constant bickering and name-calling in the media, anyone on the outside looking in would think it was all for show. Thank God we have white and black people who lived through such times in our history who conduct themselves much more intelligently. MLK Jr said he was fighting because he wanted his children to be judged by the content of their character and NOT the color of their skin. I brought up my own parents because they had every reason to hate White people and did not then and do not now! (My Dad is deceased) The members of the younger generations such as mine walking around shouting “racism”every other day and subscribing to that inflammatory Liberal racism rhetoric – you are the epitome of what MLK Jr's dream was NOT and shame on these irresponsible Liberals who keep you on their mental plantations.

Now unanimously, when someone my age watches documentaries on civil rights or reads a book on the subject we cannot help but notice a common theme – freedom and equality for ALL. Now I can understand why White and Black Liberals like Michael Moore, Bill Maher, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Cornel West want to keep the racism cards fully stacked because they need to stay in the spotlight and this pays their bills. Bill Maher even said, “Denying racism is the new racism” - Oh I know he received more cement in his Black Liberal community walk of fame star for that one. The Black Liberals also know that many in the minority communities won't feel that they are “representing” properly if they don't present a racist charge against a White person now and then or attack a Black Conservative such as Herman Cain. Cornel West thinks Herman Cain is “smoking a symbolic crack pipe”even. I think Cornel West is smoking other botanical extractions – literally not figuratively, to say something so irresponsible about his “brother”-Mr. Herman Cain. He had more sensitivity when criticizing Tyler Perry, one of the most prominent champions of buffoonery in the black community. Yes, I went there.

Now when Barack Obama was campaigning for President there was so much excitement around the idea that we could even have a Black president. Despite his lack of experience in politics and economics (He did not achieve anything notable as a Senator) Black and White people rallied behind his “Hope and Change”. Even I drank some of that kool-aid because he campaigned as someone who would and could begin to change things – especially economically and yet, to date, he has failed us all. Despite his fiscal irresponsibility and failed policies, there are black and white Liberals who will ignore this and still vote for four more years of this! This was quite baffling to me until I realized that many were planning to vote for him based on his race alone!

So now we have another Black man – Herman Cain, who is leading the polls for the GOP nomination and is also my pick to defeat Obama in the 2012 election. His resume is replete with business experience and I especially like the fact that he states his goals and he sticks to his guns when he comes under criticism. Obama, (I'm chuckling) keeps coming up with costly legislation and before the ink even dries on it, he begins shifting the blame to Congress for not passing it. We all know that Congress has been controlled by his own party, the Democrats, since 2007 when then President Bush was in office right? I don't know about you guys but I like my presidents to have convictions and to stand up to the criticizing bullies as Herman Cain did throughout the debates on his 9-9-9 plan, his views on immigration and his view on the misdirected OWS protests. Barack Obama is the master of utilizing scapegoats and likes to throw his Democratic controlled Congress “under the bus” far too often for my taste.

Unlike most Liberals, I have every confidence that Black Americans in this country have the ability to think for themselves, analyze information about the candidates and choose whom they will vote for outside of a person's race and so do their white counterparts. We don't need you Jackson, Sharpton, Waters, Joyner,West, Carson & your white sycophants to throw out the race cards to distract us from seeing the real issues. We can think for ourselves – I know you don't really want us to but the time is over for your rhetoric and political games. Tom Joyner, I know you know of President Obama's failures and you outright ditched looking at the issues together and told Black America:

Let’s not even deal with the facts right now. Let’s deal with just our blackness and pride — and loyalty,”   “We have the chance to re-elect the first African-American president, and that’s what we ought to be doing. And I’m not afraid or ashamed to say that as black people, we should do it because he’s a black man.”

Now Tom, Really? You would insult Black voters of both parties that blatantly? Sorry Tom, we don't need your input either, and that was very irresponsible bro. It's interesting because Herman Cain has never asked any voter, regardless of color to vote for him because he is a Black man and furthermore, I will be bold and add that he may even be insulted if someone voted for him just because of his race for his merits far exceed his skin color. This is why America needs an Obama vs Cain election. This is why I'd like to see the 2012 election to be an Obama vs Cain election because then the black & white liberals who want us all uneducated and viewing the entire process through the prism of race when we cast our ballots, can shut their traps. Then and only then, just as in every other election where two white men faced-off, we would all be forced to look at the issues. This time with two black men, we'll have the same balance – to choose based on their merits and platforms, ignoring race. This is the ideal situation in American Politics – to throw out race as a determining factor when Americans exercise their right to vote. Perhaps one day, Dr. King's dream will be fully realized, and it won't take two opponents of the same race to cast away the blinders fixed upon many American myopic eyes. Oh, how I look forward to such a time!

Now you have people like the black Liberal Al Sharpton who attacked Herman Cain saying that he is not “authentically Black” (whatever that is) Well Mr. Sharpton, if you want to talk about racial authenticity, I can do that. The black communities across America are so diverse as are each individual member of those communities that to assert “blackness” based on habits, behaviors, language or experience to a degree even, as some have, is so utterly ridiculous that I will not entertain it. Anything else you could come up with would be so silly that I'll just delve into my science background and pick genetics to determine race and therefore “blackness” for the purposes of your “argument.” Let's just say that the darker a black person is, that this is directly proportional to the amount of genetic material he has inherited from his African ancestors. If this is the case, then obviously Herman Cain has more African genetic material in him than President Obama and therefore, he is “blacker” than Obama. At least that is what flows logically from the original premise because Herman Cain's complexion is darker. There is no dispute there. This also means, since you want us to vote for the most “authentically Black” person for President, then we should vote for Herman Cain! (Well we all should but not for that reason)

Folks, do you see how silly and illogical these “publicity Liberals” are? Now of course genetic variation in populations comes from mutations in genetic material, gene flow and random dispersal of genes through sexual reproduction. Also, environment was and is a huge factor in the phenotypes & physiological adaptations humans developed over time in order to survive in their various environments, which resulted in the three major “race categories” that humans categorize themselves in. This basically means that there are really no true “races” because our phenotypes are an inheritance from years of adaptations to various physical environments by our ancestors. So what we should do in America – all of us, is vote for the best member of the human race. Liberals, that means we can no longer listen to nor tolerate your race-baiting and since Herman Cain will face-off with Barack Obama, you'll be in the unemployment line soon anyway. Your alternative is, as our human ancestors did, to adapt and find a new means to survive in our political environment instead of manipulating the masses of voters in this country to voting how you want them to vote. I repeat, we can think for ourselves! and that thinking should not involve race, as we will see two men of the same race, as has been the status-quo since our government began, compete for votes.

By Talitha K. McEachin for
Herman Cain 2012


  1. Talitha, you are spot on!! I did not vote for BHO and you know why, I've said enough empty suit with a mysterious past, no real accomplishments, never had any business or military experience, socialist and radical associates, voting "present" 130 times in U.S. Senate....the list was/is longer but I praise your honesty and careful evluation of the opportunity before us as Americans. Keep up the great work.

  2. Great article, Talitha. Keep up the good word, and spreading the message, while disputing the Lies of the Left Liberals.

  3. Doc & Sally thank you very much! Hx....what exactly do you feel is "dumb"about this article? Let's have a dialogue!

  4. Some reasons why a Cain Presidency is bad:

    (1) policies. The "999" Tax Plan will soak the middle and lower classes, including states that do not even have sales tax. The plan won't be in enough revenue and these facts are coming from conservatives.

    (2)Race: Allowing yourself, As Cain does to be called "Cornbread," and "Black Walnut" and singing at media functions does not mean were are progressing as a race but going backwards at an alarming rate.

    And there are many, many more reasons why without even mentioning these sexual harassment cases.