Monday, October 3, 2011

Obamacare – Playing with Their Lives

Obamacare – Playing with Their Lives

By J C Anger

During the Fox News/Google GOP Debate there was one moment that stole the show.  Chris Wallace asked Mr. Herman Cain the following question, “you say if Obamacare had been in effect when you where first being treated, you would be dead now.  Why?”  What came next was one of the greatest moments in Presidential debate history.  As Mr. Cain sculpted the scenario of how he had a personal time line that needed to be followed exactly at his pace of treatment and how if he was under Obamacare, the bureaucrats would have made those choices and it would have prolonged the treatment.  In essence it was due to the timeliness of his personal timeline that his doctors accredit his survival.  It was the moment of the debate that set the stage for Mr. Cain winning the debate, the straw poll, and for having an incredible surge over the next week and beyond.

A few days later a website called politifact rated this moment under their “truth-o-meter” as a “pants on fire” lie!  What this site said was that bureaucrats have no say in the patient care process.  This was based on what was supposedly “in” the health care law’s statutes as written.  But was politifact’s assumption true in the real world or was it true under just what they assumed the legislation stated? 
I didn’t think that this was going to be mine to answer as even though I work for the Federal government, I believed I had no say in this matter as I was covered by my own choice of insurance.  The only thing I knew about Obamacare was that it helped increase my health insurance about 150% and made the cost of care for me and my family in the private sector near impossible.  Our greatest health prevention is the fact that we are in prayer to God about keeping us healthy so we wont need to use what we near can’t afford.

All this seemed true until one night when I was invited to attend a meeting of the Young Republican’s of Gaston County to give views on Herman Cain.  I pressed on the economic solutions of the 9-9-9 plan.  Went into the Chilean Model for saving the Social Security system and then I found myself talking about the subject that won the debate which was health care.  I told of Herman’s story and that’s when the night really took on a whole new and personal meaning.

One by one each of the people there told me of their Obamacare nightmare stories, some of which they were living today.  With the bureaucrats, yes I said bureaucrats, running patient timelines and the type of tests they were to have it became very clear to me that this wasn’t a health care plan as much as it was a way the administration could play with people’s lives.  Their stories were real and in many cases dealt with life and death scenarios.  What this night was showing me, was the only one with a “pants on fire” lie were the so-called experts at politifact.

I ask you to pray for each of the people who were there that night.  From the kidney transplant that was controlled 100% by bureaucrats stating, ‘you either do it on this day or the whole transplant is off’, to the brother with stage 3 cancer who’s worried about the next time the bureaucrats will schedule and allow him to have treatment, to the young woman who was in a car accident a year ago and sent home with a collar and to this date has not had an MRI (with no MRI scheduled in the near future), keep each of these families in your prayers.  We need to free them from this trap that they have been placed in so that they can truly receive the care they need.  

I thought I was done there but in my personal experience I learned something the next day that was quite alarming.  Obamacare may be affecting our Active Duty troops who are in remote locations indirectly.  You see the bureaucratic procedures associated with Obamacare is now being placed on our Soldiers who are in locations where a military post is not available to them.  I was talking to a young lady who is now waiting for the bureaucratic process to take place so that she can receive treatment for a chronic condition that has been plaguing her for years.  Since she moved away from a military post she now has to wait for the slow process of determining when she can receive treatment and what kind of treatment she can have.  She has been waiting for weeks.  Is this a way to treat the men and women in uniform?

Whether direct or indirect, Obamacare has turned the medical system into a game of playing with people’s lives.  When Herman Cain said he would have been dead under Obamacare, he wasn’t lying.  The people I’ve talked to have proved this as fact no matter what political think tank wants to tell you otherwise.  When we elect Herman Cain President in 2012, we will see an end to this game and we will see people once again taking charge of their own lives and their own health care.

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